Founded in 2006, All About Vocals has always focused on product that features vocals in any style or genre. Our goal is to bring focus to a mix of established and emerging new vocal releases.  We have a cast of characters on our staff, that love many types of music. The one resounding similarity is; it must be something unique and it must have a vocalist in the driver seat.

Product Submission: We are a green business, we accept press releases about new and exciting vocal only product via email.  The caveat is; it must be available on Amazon.com, Spotify or Pandora or it will not be reviewed.  If we like it, we will review it.

Note:  Our website is under construction, please check back often and we apologize for the mess during our construction phase.  We are working diligently, but we are very into coffee, so breaks are taken for sipping and the occasional donut.  Yes, we do love sugar.