Yvette Moore, Burning in My Heart

by J. Pepper

Yvette Moore is a Hawaiian based Singer/Songwriter that is formally trained in Opera, and multi-jazz styles.  Her album Burning in My Heart features her warm vocal stylings and her very capable songwriting skills. The album is comprised of eleven tracks, six of which are co-written by Moore and one being written by Moore exclusively. The music is positive and flows nicely between multiple styles, her backing group is formidable, making for an enjoyable listen.

Moore has a gift for writing lyrics and combined with her co-writers of either Kirk Thompson or David Shields, the music articulated on Burning in My Heart has a sweetness and smoothness that ultimately shine through no matter what the music context or style. For example, the chorus of “My Heart Belongs to Him” is simply a beautiful profession of love and belief. The song structure is direct and the melody is pretty, there is a hint of Hawaiian music, underpinning the tune, and the band is wonderfully supportive. Lopaka Smith contributes the distinctive sound of ukulele, lending a melodic solo full of single lines and double stops.

The songs of Moore and Thompson are superb examples of the song-writing craft. Finely honed melodies with excellent written lyrics expressed in a rich and personal way. The two have a system that works for them, their own imagination and process that creates a sound unique to their own vision. The title track contains all the before mentioned qualities. Moore’s singing of the melody is strong and full of emotion. The music is driven forward by a catchy bassline and excellent guitar fills by John Ornellas. The strings are a nice touch to the orchestration. Tommy aristo turns is a fine flute solo over the infections Latin feel, well played!


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