Diana Krall, Glad Rag Doll

by  Amad Franaquer Hassan Annette Hanshaw’s recording of “We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye” sounds sweet, swinging and sincere. Maxine Sullivan’s reading of the same song a half-century later was also warm, lilting and convincing. Similarly, Peggy Lee’s superb update of “There Read more


Bonnie Raitt, Slipstream by: Rudy P. “Slipstream” is first and foremost the story of an artist returning to her realm after a long dry spell, rediscovering her fountain of inspiration and acquiring the drive to once again practice her craft. Read more

Little Broken Hearts

Noah Jones, Little Broken Hearts by:  L. Uigi “LITTLE BROKEN HEARTS” is a little different for Nora Jones, yet nothing drasticly so. She probably said it best herself when she mentioned that the ‘Producer’, DANGER MOUSE, took her out of Read more