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Freshly Perspective

Os Clavelitos, Arriving

by Constance Tucker What happens when you bring together a group of friends who are also musicians from varying backgrounds and countries and put them in a room together to create.  Well, the result is an uplifting and energetic listen […]

Flyleaf (self-titled)

by AJ My introduction to Flyleaf was actually unintentional. I was checking out at a local music store and the guy behind the counter kept insisting that I pick up the Flyleaf EP that was out at the time. I […]

Fitz and the Tantrums

by R. Gunnesseuf Like many of us, the first song by Fitz and the tantrums that I ever heard was “Out of my League.” This catchy tune, with its poppy alternative hook and relate-able lyrics wedged itself into my brain […]